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Bobby Silverstein, Director
CSADP - Center for the Study and Advancement of Disability Policy
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Disability Policy (in general)

  1. Silverstein, Robert, George Julnes, and Renee Nolan. What Policymakers Need and Must Demand From Research Regarding the Employment Rate of Persons with Disabilities. Behavioral Sciences and the Law, Volume 23, Issue 3, pages 399-448, June 2005. John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.
      This article connects standard research methodology concepts with the complexities of evaluating disability policy using national data sets. The purpose of the article is to help policymakers and others recognize unwarranted cause-and-effect policy conclusions based solely on existing national survey data and demand better data and stronger research designs to complement the potential over-reliance on correlational studies using problematic survey data to estimate policy impacts. To this end, the article concludes with a practical framework for assessing the adequacy of research regarding the employment rate of persons with disabilities.
      · Available for download
  2. Silverstein, Robert. Emerging Disability Policy Framework: A Guidepost for Analyzing Public Policy. (Iowa Law Review, August 2000, Vol. 85/No.5)
  3. Silverstein, Robert. Appendix 1: An Overview of the Emerging Disability Policy Framework: A Guidepost for Analyzing Public Policy
  4. Silverstein, Robert. Using the Emerging Disability Policy Framework to Support Community-Based Systems Change Initiatives (November 2002)
      This paper provides a conceptual framework (checklist, lens, guidepost) for developing, evaluating, and revising community-based systems change initiatives.
      · Word version (.doc file for download)
  5. Silverstein, Robert. Appendix 2: Major Disability-Related Legislation 1956-2000. (Iowa Law Review, August 2000, Vol. 85/No. 5)