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Bobby Silverstein, Director
CSADP - Center for the Study and Advancement of Disability Policy
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Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA)

  1. Silverstein, Robert. User's Guide to 2004 IDEA Reauthorization (January 2005)
      This guide identifies additions, deletions, and modifications to the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), made by the 2004 Amendments (Public Law 108-446). In addition, the guide includes relevent language from the Conference Report articulating Congressional intent.
      Available for download from the CCD website:
  2. Silverstein, Robert. Using Emerging Disability Policy Framework to Understand the Influence of IDEA (Updated January 2005)
      This narrative outline describes the conceptual basis, functions, themes, and purposes of IDEA in the context of disability policy in general.
      · Word version (.doc file for download)
  3. Silverstein, Robert. Framework for Understanding IDEA in General and the Discipline Provisions in Particular (September 2002)
      This narrative outline provides the conceptual background for IDEA in general and then focuses primarily on the purposes, functions, and themes embedded in the discipline provisions.
      · Word version (.doc file for download)
  4. Silverstein, Robert. Overview of the Major Discipline Provisions in the 1999 IDEA Regulations (May 7, 1999. Further revised July 25, 2001)
      This paper provides a policy context for the amendments to IDEA pertaining to discipline and then describes the major provisions in the final regulations applicable to the disciplining of children with disabilities.
  5. Silverstein, Robert. A User's Guide to the 1999 IDEA Regulations (May 7, 1999)