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Bobby Silverstein, Director
CSADP - Center for the Study and Advancement of Disability Policy
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On February 1, 2007 CSADP became a program of HalfthePlanet Foundation. Our new address is:

Robert "Bobby" Silverstein, CSADP
1875 Eye Street, N.W. 12th Floor
Washington, D.C. 20006

Bobby Silverstein can be reached:

Updated: February 17, 2007

Check out our new series entitled “Vocational Rehabilitation Systems Change Information Bulletins”

Summary of House of Representative's Bill Reauthorizing WIA and Rehab Act from Disability Perspective

“Summary of 2005 Version of Senate Bill Reauthorizing the Workforce Investment Act and the Rehabilitation Act”

“Side-by-Side Comparison Between the 2005 Versions of the House and Senate Bills Reauthorizing the Workforce Investment Act

Summary of Guidance for Revising WIA State Plans From a Disability Perpective

What Policymakers Need and Must Demand from Research Regarding the Employment Rate of Persons with Disabilities
- prepared by Robert Silverstein, George Julnes, and Renee Nolin
- This Journal article appears in Behavioral Sciences and the Law, Volume 23, Issue 3, pages 399-448, June 2005. John Wiley & Sons, Ltd. The article connects standard research methodology concepts with the complexities of evaluating disability policy in order to help policymakers and others guard against making unwarranted cause and effect policy conclusions based solely on, among other things, existing national data sets. The article concludes with a practical framework for assessing the adequacy of research regarding the employment rate of persons with disabilities.
· Available for download

"Bobby Silverstein Has Been Brilliant In Reducing A Lot Of Complex Workings Into A Logical And Sensibly Organized Group of Ideas! Bobby Silverstein Is An Extraordinary Trainer! Inspiring! Well Worth My Time!"
Comments by Parents and Advocates

Training CD-Rom
A Congressional Insider's View: How to Be an Effective Disability Policy Change Agent (Spring 2002. Further revised December 2002)

This CD-Rom includes handouts, articles and three comprehensive guides. [complete content list]

Robert "Bobby" Silverstein has developed comprehensive training materials on how to become effective disability policy change agents. The cost is $75.00 per CD-Rom. If you have any questions or you would like to order a CD-Rom, print and use this order form (.doc), or contact:
Bobby Silverstein
202-783-5111 (V/TTY)