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Bobby Silverstein, Director
CSADP - Center for the Study and Advancement of Disability Policy
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State Medicaid Buy-In Program and State Work Incentives

  1. Folkemer, Donna; Jensen, Allen; Silverstein, Robert; Straw, Tara. Medicaid Buy-In Programs: Case Studies of Early Implementer States (May 2002)
  2. Folkemer, Donna; Jensen, Allen; Silverstein, Robert; Straw, Tara. The Medicaid Buy-In Program: Lessons Learned from Nine Early Implementer States (May 2002)
  3. Jensen, Allen; Silverstein, Robert; Folkemer, Donna; Straw, Tara. Policy Frameworks for Designing Medicaid Buy-In Programs and Related State Work Incentive Initiatives (May 2002)
      This report provides policy frameworks to assist stakeholders (such as Medicaid Directors, State Legislators, and cross-disability coalitions) design and implement Medicaid Buy-In programs to enhance the level of economic self-sufficiency of persons with significant disabilities. Particular focus are the design decisions affecting enrollment, costs and state fiscal exposure. Policy frameworks describe the interrelationships between Federal and State cash assistance programs (particularly SSDI, SSI, State SSI Supplementation programs) and health entitlements (particularly the Medicaid programs).
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