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Bobby Silverstein, Director
CSADP - Center for the Study and Advancement of Disability Policy
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New CD-Rom
A Congressional Insider's View: How to Be and Effective Disability Policy Change Agent (Spring 2002. Further revised December 2002)

This CD-Rom includes handouts, articles and three comprehensive guides.


  1. Historical Treatment of People with Disabilities
  2. Emerging Disability Policy Framework: A Guide for Developing Public Policy for Persons with Disabilities
  3. Top Ten Tips on How to Be an Effective Disability Policy Change Agent
  4. Guidelines for Meeting with a Policy Maker
  5. Building Effective Coalitions
  6. Strategic Planning
  7. Principled Negotiations: A Tool for Getting to Yes
  8. Pressure Points in the Federal Budget Process
  9. Pressure Points in the Legislative Process
  10. Summary of ADA Decisions by the U.S. Supreme Court
  11. Disability Policy Web Sites


  1. The Emerging Disability Policy Framework: A Guidepost for Analyzing Public Policy
    1. Overview (27 pages)
    2. Iowa Law Review, August 2000, Volume 85, No. 5 (64 pages)
    3. Major Disability Legislation 1956-2000 (16 pages)

Three Comprehensive Guides:

  1. General Guidelines for Disability Policy Change Agents
  2. Effective Strategies for Interacting with Policy-Makers
  3. Developing Organized Coalitions and Strategic Plans